[Video] Onome Ebi’s Coach of the Super Falcons,cries when she thanked him for teaching Her Football.


Onome Ebi, coach of the Super Falcons, thanks her first football instructor for teaching her the game.continue Reading 

The Super Falcons’ head coach, Onome Ebi, has thanked Mr. Paul Okwudili Nnakwe, commonly known as Palepa, for helping to mold her into the great player she is today.

The 40-year-old Nigerian football star sent an invitation to her foundation coach so that she could show him her appreciation for everything he had taught her.

She made him famous and gave him all the credit for teaching her everything.

Onome Ebi recalled how he had taught her how to play soccer when she was a young child and how, despite some criticism of his methods, he was still well-liked in general.

She explained to her coach that he now served as her substitute father since her biological father had died away.

The talented soccer player hugged him and expressed her gratitude for all that he had done for her, especially for keeping her safe when she was just getting started in the game.

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