ECOWAS Defence Chiefs have agreed a “D-day” for military intervention to restore civil rule in Niger if diplomatic efforts fail.

If diplomatic attempts fail, the Defence Chiefs of the Economic Community of West African States have set a “D-day” for a potential military action to restore civil government in Niger.continue reading
Abdel-Fatau Musah, the ECOWAS Commissioner for Political Affairs, Peace and Security, reportedly stated so on Friday without specifying a time frame.
The source made the remarks at the conclusion of a two-day gathering of West African army chiefs in Ghana’s capital Accra, where they had been discussing the logistics and plan for what ECOWAS described as a last-resort use of force in Niger.
After President Mohamed Bazoum was overthrown and imprisoned by generals in Niger, the ECOWAS troops made a commitment the day before to be ready to take part in a standby force that would restore democracy to the country.
At a conference on Thursday in Accra, Ghana’s capital, all member states, with the exception of those under military rule and Cape Verde, decided to launch a “standby force” as a last resort to reestablish democracy in Niger.
Musah was cited by Reuters as saying, “We are ready to go whenever the order is given,” at the conclusion of the two-day conference.
“D-Day has also been determined. What will be needed for the intervention has already been decided upon and refined.

Source: Punch news

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