Politicians are warned against money laundering by the EFCC, and offenders will face jail time


Nigerians have been cautioned by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) not to allow politicians to hide money in their firms or bank accounts.continue ReadingĀ 

The commission issued a warning that anyone who helps PEPs use their bank accounts or businesses to launder money will be prosecuted, whether they are friends, associates, or family members.

Abdulkarim Chukko, temporary executive chairman, brought up this issue during a one-day seminar on how to report economic and financial crimes effectively.

Journalists from print, electronic, and online media attended the session on Thursday at the EFCC Zonal Command Office, Iyaganku in Ibadan, the capital of Oyo state.

Chukkol, who represented Halima Mustapha Rufa’u, the Acting Zonal Commander of the EFCC, Ibadan Zonal Command, cautioned that friends and relatives of politicians who utilized their businesses or bank accounts to launder money from illicit activities risked imprisonment.

According to Chukkol, top government servants, members of their families, and close friends who occupy public office are now considered politically exposed people under the Money Laundering Act of 2022.

On this point, I would like the media to inform friends and relatives of politicians and other people in elected office that they run the possibility of going to jail if they permit their businesses or bank accounts to be used to launder the proceeds of criminal operations.

Family members and close associates of politicians and public office holders, including senior civil workers, are now categorized as politically exposed persons under the Money Laundering Act of 2022.

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