#BBNaija: Frodd informs that he will need to voluntarily leave the house.He said this After hearing His Wife Had Delivered A Baby Girl..


After Biggie announced the birth of his baby girl, Frodd informs Angel that he will need to voluntarily leave the house.continue ReadingĀ 

father-newest and BBNaija When Biggie revealed the bombshell of the birth of his child with his partner, Pharmacist Chioma, All-Stars housemate Frodd was unable to control his tears.

The announcement of the birth of the adorable child named Elena went viral on social media on Friday, sparking hysterical celebrations among the baby’s fans.

Just before he appeared on the reality show, Frodd and his wife announced their pregnancy.

Biggie called Frodd into the diary room after the housemates’ dramatic loss in this week’s wager and gave him the good news.

A short while later, Frodd reappeared with teary eyes and told Seyi the truth, with Angel joining in the conversation. He chose, nevertheless, to leave Angel in the dark for the time being.

When Angel noticed Frodd in a distraught state, she asked what had caused him to lose it. Frodd confided in her and said he intended to leave the house.

When Angel pressed for an explanation, he promised to provide her the specifics at a later time. She inquired about his desire for solitude after noticing his need for seclusion and left the room, leaving him alone with his thoughts. Soon after, Frodd bowed his head in quiet prayer.

This occurs shortly after Frodd sobbed while telling Biggie in a dairy session that he wouldn’t be present to welcome his first child.

Since then, the reality star’s fans and followers have congratulated him and his wife on social media.

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