Level de pass level una no even see obi Cubana for Davido back looking at stunch men,” Video Goes Viral As Davido Bows to Kanayo O Kanayo..


“Even Davido dey bow for Kanayo” – Davido and actor Kanayo O Kanayo’s reactions in the music video.

A popular video featuring actor Kanayo O Kanayo and well-known Nigerian artist Davido Adeleke has gone viral.continue Reading.

In the viral video, Kanayo O Kanayo, a famous actor, recognized Davido and immediately bowed to him.

Reactions on Netizesn

Social media users have been praising Davido for his public display of appreciation for the seasoned actor as the video has gone viral.

“Why he no go respect am thier 2 na mate,” @sabiboy20 said, “abi you think say na wizkid with pride.

“If him no respect am e go use chioma take do sacrifice,” wrote @rachapotes44.

“I think this sacrifice thing is communicating something if you look at it very very well,” remarked @user2980020756007

“E remain small make kanayo use Davido that is why Davido don’t want to near him,” wrote @djcoolboythedirtyfinger1.

OBO is a humble man, but Nna Anyi Sacrifice is a Legend in Nigerian entertainment, according to @browndollarsign. Don’t forget, they began the entertainment.

“Level de pass level una no even see obi Cubana for Davido back looking at stunch men,” said @johnsonkelvin2.

Who is Davido to not appreciate someone who is older than him, said @lisy_931? He values each individual.

Is Davido mad not to appreciate him, said @man_like_alone in response. E won’t force him to go to the alter that night.

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