Idia Aisien, an actress, displays her physique in a swimsuit.


Popular Nollywood actress Idia Aisien has made photographs of herself in a bathing suit public.

Idia, who is currently on vacation, posted the images on her Instagram profile on Thursday morning.continue Reading.

The movie queen acknowledged that she is working hard to develop her body, spirit, and intellect.

She wants to be a “total boss baddie” when she comes home.

Where would you go if you could live anyplace in the world? Declare it to God with your lips!

I’m working incredibly hard to improve my body, mind, and soul; when I return, I’ll be a complete badass boss.*

Online Reactions

Ucheejombo responded to her photo by writing, “A perfect beauty with a perfect body.”

“Boss baddie!” wrote Donke_. I love this location.

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