Imagine studying law in a lawless country,” it’s A Waste Of Time. Peter Okoye makes fun of Nigeria’s judicial system.


To study law in Nigeria is a humiliation.- Peter Okoye makes fun of Nigeria’s judicial system Read moreĀ 

To study law in Nigeria is a humiliation. The Nigerian legal system is veiled by Peter Okoye.

In a recent tweet that started a social media conversation, Nigerian music superstar Peter Okoye, one half of the duo P-Square, expressed his frustration with the state of the legal system in his country.

“Imagine studying law in a lawless country,” the artist tweeted.

He recently criticised banking institutions for their dubious practises, and this statement comes after that.

Peter Okoye used his position to criticise financial institutions just a few days prior to making the comments. They had targeted GTB Bank as their main target for fraud.

Recently, Peter Okoye made the decision to continue attacking Nigerian banks, demonstrating that he wasn’t clearly done.

Peter Okoye had criticised banks for allowing online con artists to steal his identity and cheat customers. Keep in mind that Mr. P operates a lottery programme, and online con artists have used his name to swindle others.

Peter shared pictures of accounts using his name on Instagram as he criticised GT Bank.

He lamented the unreliability and untrustworthiness of financial organisations. He also questioned the value of having a BVN and NIN in light of how simple it is for users to create accounts using the identities of other individuals.

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