My Wife Threatened to kill Me, Have Been Sleeping with One Eye Since She Bought A Sharp Knife. Man Cries Out For Help.


Man Cries Out After His Wife Threatened To Re-Circumcise Him After He’s Been Sleeping with One Eye Since She Bought A Sharp Knife. Read more¬†

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In Rijiyar Lemo, Kano State, Malam Ali reported his wife to a Sharia Court after she threatened to circumcise him once more.

According to the Bendelnews, Malam Ali said in court that his wife had long threatened to have him circumcised again and that she had even bought a sharp knife and kept it in the house.

He maintains that he has been sleeping with one eye since then because he has two wives.

following the hearing of the husband’s complaint asking the court to prevent his wife from carrying out her threat. The case was postponed until October 4 for additional consideration by the court, which was presided over by Malam Sunusi Danbaba Daurawa.

After the court session, the husband told reporters that he checked her room and removed the sharp knife to protect himself, but he is still uneasy.

“I have no idea what occurred; she just said she needed to renew it. My wife and I are still in a happy marriage. The only difficulty I’m having with her is this, he remarked.

“That is why I decided to report her to the court if they can stop her,” the man claimed.

The wife, however, declined to explain to reporters why she is trying to get his circumcision renewed.

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