[Video] BBNaijaAllStars: I Must Win This Show,Mercy Eke boasts.



BBNaijaAllStars: Mercy Eke boasts, “My Eyes Are on The N120millio, I’m winning the show” Read more 

The “pepper dem” season winner Mercy Eke made it apparent to Ilebaye, another inhabitant, that she intended to win the N120 million cash prize from the BBNaija season 8 All-Stars edition programme.

This remark was made to Ilebaye on Thursday night as they were speaking about a matter involving Cross.

Mercy Eke made a vow, though it’s unclear how they got started, that “God should not allow her to win the show if she knew those who insulted Cross.”

Mercy Eke said that she would win the cash prize when Ilebaye asked who she thought would win the competition.

See conversation below:
Mercy Eke: “If I’m the one who said that, let me not win this show.”
Ilebaye: “Were you expecting to win it before?”
Mercy Eke: “I’m going to win this show. I’m here to win, and I’m taking home the N120 million. I have my mercenaries.”
Viewers have taken to the comment page to drop their opinions regarding the conversation between both housemates.
shapeshifter23_: “Ilebaye prince deceived you ni oo. I love you but it will take a miracle with some sprinkle of babalawo. Yes you’re strong but what about the elephants?”
echebirigreg: “Mercy is not lieing . But she has to be careful so that too much Infringement doesn’t knock her out …Almost all of them see her as a big threat.”
soothsayer_de2: “Mercy Eke 2.0 is no Jokes, Mercenaries get ready it’s about to be a Bl00dy affair….I love her she rebuked her immediately and made declaration over that win, Mercy EkeX120.”
naashika1: “What people turn to forget is that a lot of fans of other fanbases share their votes with ilebaye and vice versa. Only few are loyal to her compared to SPARTANS and MERCENARIES which hardly share vote when their fav is up. This win is between Mercy and CeeC (my observation and opinion tho). yours are welcomed without any insults please.”
xenia_uju: “If it was mercy that asked Ilebaye the same question… her pity party fans would be everywhere dragging mercy’s name… what sort of stupid question is that? Is mercy in the house to count beans???”
nekkycutie: “Mercy will make history as first housemate to win BBN twice. Infact, if there’ll ever be an all winners BBN show, she will still win it! You can take this to the bank!”
barbiicares: “And that is how baye will clap for the winner on the last day. Don’t come under my post to say rubbish,read and pass…I’m entitled to my own opinion. Period.”

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