[Video] My Landlady gave me 7 days to leave her house; Where do I go now.Lege Miami Cries For help..


Lege Miami asks for assistance when his Igbo landlady evicts him from his home, saying, “Where do I go now?”

Adams Kehinde, well known in Nollywood as Lege Miami, yelled out in response to his landlady’s eviction notice.Read more..

The controversial actor made fun of Eastern Nigerians during the election and caused controversy by endorsing Bola Ahmed Tinubu, who is currently president.

His East-born landlady has now served him with an eviction notice that has a seven-day deadline.

Lege asked where he would go following his expulsion on his Instagram page, expressing his disappointment.

“They have informed me. I’ve never seen this before, but they gave me 7 days to leave the house.

“Now where do I go? My landlady has recently given me notice to vacate.

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