Betta Edu, a minister for humanitarian affairs, believes that President Tinubu will help 136 million Nigerians overcome poverty.

The Bola Tinubu administration, according to newly appointed Minister of Humanitarian Affairs and Poverty Alleviation Betta Edu, will help around 136 million poor Nigerians escape poverty.continue reading 
When Edu took over the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Poverty Alleviation on Monday, August 21, she revealed this in Abuja.  
She said;

He (President) has an agenda. And the agenda is simple; renew the hopes of Nigerians. There’s a lot of work to be done. I have taken my time to go through some data and I have seen that we have about 136 million poor Nigerians. Let’s assume in all honesty that the data we have is correct, that we have 200 million Nigerians, which I think we are more than that, 136 million is alarming and it is completely unacceptable to President Bola Tinubu.”

She further explained the rationale behind the ministry’s rebranding. She stated that the administration renamed the ministry to sharpen its emphasis and guarantee that tackling Nigeria’s poverty head-on is a top priority.
“I don’t know if it is good for you, but is good for the President and for Nigerians that it is a younger person that is here. And the reason is simple, we need energy, innovation and speed to reach 136 million people as a matter of urgency.“she said

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