JUST IN: suspects who gang-r@pe a British tourist in Magaluf are arrested in France

Police were looking for two people in relation to the alleged gang rape of a British tourist in Magaluf, and they have now been detained in France.continue readingĀ 
After up to eight males were accused of beating an 18-year-old female at a party hotel on the island of Majorca last week, Spanish authorities filed a European Arrest Warrant for the two.
Last Monday, August 14, at around 5 a.m., a girl who thought she had been attacked by up to eight guys ran from a hotel room and told police that she had woken up surrounded by young people carrying cellphones.
Using the girl’s phone, which was allegedly stolen during the incident, officers were able to identify three guys later on. Six individuals were detained after being persuaded by the police to a meeting.
The most recent arrests were made by French authorities after Spanish authorities learned that the other two suspects had flown to Germany before entering France via Strasbourg.
While Civil Guard officers today said their investigation to identify the men involved had come to a conclusion, the two now faces extradition to Majorca.
The Civil Guard has concluded its investigation into the alleged gang rape that occurred in a Magaluf hotel in the early hours of August 14, according to a force official.
‘Officers realised early on the intricacy of the inquiry,’ he continued, “as the alleged aggressors didn’t form part of the same group of friends but had allegedly joined the group action in sporadic acts, indicating no type of relationship existed between them.”
The police confirmed in a statement that the first six suspects had been detained and placed on custody the day of the alleged sex attack and added: “The investigation continued to identify the two young men whose arrests were pending.”
When they were recognised, police learned they had flown to Baden-Baden in Germany before returning to their homes in the Strasbourg region.
In order to prevent them from eluding justice, the Civil Guard requested assistance from the French government through the usual channels and issued European Arrest Warrants.
“On Sunday, the French police confirmed they had detained one of them in the French town of Scherwiller before confirming a second detention at the Basilea Mulhouse Freiburg Airport in France, where the suspect was attempting to board a flight to Turkey in order to avoid detention.”

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