What sort of desperation is this? A Priest Condemned ladies praying for husbands while wearing wedding gowns.


As shown in the viral video of ladies praying for husbands while wearing wedding gowns, a priest said, “What you are doing is not Christian, it’s disgusting.” Read Full Article 

A Catholic priest from Nigeria named Fr. Kelvin Ugwu expressed his shock at the viral video showing ladies wearing bridal gowns to a prayer test for husbands.

Some Nigerian women recently caused online controversy by wearing bridal gowns to a faith-testing prayer service.

Nollywood actress Chacha Eke and her spouse, guest professor Austin Faani, attended the prayer service.

In the video posted to the movie star’s Instagram page, all the women were clad in bridal gowns and ardently prayed for their marriages.

Mixed reactions to the video led many to wonder if the ladies Character were also examined.

On his Facebook page, the cleric criticized the decision and questioned why males weren’t required to wear wedding dress and offer prayers for their wives.

He criticized such actions by churches, calling them unclean and unchristian.

He explained that those who wish to earn a Ph.D. but haven’t yet started school might practice their religion by dressing in graduation robes and hats and going to prayer meetings.

The cleric continued by saying that it is starting to become a pattern, and the more we remain silent, the more it would be accepted as the norm.

Since those seeking spouses are required to dress bridal attire in order to claim it in good faith.

Those seeking to earn their PhDs but who have not yet enrolled in school should borrow graduation gowns and caps, during the 8 a.m. service this coming Sunday to claim it in faith.

Next Sunday at church, those wishing to be nurses or doctors should bring everything a doctor would use. Come and firmly assert it.

Women who want to participate in Omugwo (a traditional Igbo practice for the mother of the pair to provide postpartum care) should bring wrappers and baby washing buckets with baby powder.

The biggest one is to wear a cap and spectacles to the 10 a.m. service if you want to be the next Tinubu.


It is now becoming a trend and the more we keep quiet, it will soon be seen as normal.

To all those churches asking women to wear wedding gowns to church so they can pray to have husbands, what you are doing is not Christian. In fact, it is disgusting.

What sort of desperation is this?

Why are you not asking the men to put on wedding suits and pray for wives?

And by the way, why do you need them to put on wedding gowns, is that what makes the marriage?

And to those who gladly hire wedding gowns and wear them to church because you were told that it would connect you to your husbands, let me ask you this…

When you pray for husbands, what exactly are you telling God to do?

That he should suspend the reasoning and choosing capacity of the type of man you want (and it usually rich men you want) so that even when your attitudes, character, and personality are not what he wants, he will close his eyes to all of them and marry you?”.

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