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[Video] Some Girls Are Really Wicked: Man Cries After His Girlfriend Rejected His Proposal in The Public.

This is really heartbreaking: A man asks his mother to help him propose to his girlfriend, but is turned down in front of her. Read Full Article 

One of the most significant ladies in his life, the man’s mother, has been invited to accompany him to the location where he has decided to ask his girlfriend to marry him.

The man arrived at the venue of the proposal with a bunch of flowers, as shown in a video posted on TikTok by the user account @bossstarn.

He got down on one knee and proposed to the woman as his mother stood by him. When the woman showed up at the event wearing a blindfold and unclear of what was going on, there was nervousness in the air.

She took off her blindfolds and found herself in front of her boyfriend, who was carrying a Flower and a Ring.

The woman took the man’s flower as she walked away from the confrontation but declined to accept his ring.

The fatal incident was captured on another TikTok video. Many TikTok users believe that the woman should have taken the ring off rather than making him look bad in front of his mother. the video below to see:

Commenters expressed sympathy for the man while also raising concerns about the idea of proposing in public.

Read some comments below:

Ellen Sikadua Emerald said, “Save him the embarrassment and take the ring later when you’re left alone you just explain to him why you took the ring and why you don’t want him 🥺”.

dirtygods said, “If he knew wat God has done for him , he will jump in joy I swear”.

Kalisha Pa Stewart said, “if its my current bf I’m saying yes and later in the comfort of our own privacy I’d refuse cuz ain’t no way I could embarrass a man like this”.

Conqueror007 said, “I’d then go for the friend who picked the flowers from the floor..😏”.

James said, “Sometimes is good to know your partner better before you do proposal in public,she will embarrass you”.

NetsiandaP said, “this man will never come back from this 😭😭😭😭😭”.

“leahkinyanjui882 said, “women who are dating more than one partner”.

She was happy At First:

Watch video below 👇

Now she Rejected him



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