[Video] You see why we all love Davido? He has done this many times. Watch Video Of Of What Davido Did For A Young Lady After Watching Her Video on TikTok.


For drinking garri with an apple and some biscuits and labeling it “fried rice,” Davido blesses broke Tiktoker with N2 million.Read Full Article 

Afrobeats Superstar Davido recently gave a lucky woman N2 million after being amused by a video she shared on social media.

Well-known celebrity blogger Tunde Ednut recently posted a video of Okoli Classic, a young lady who was busted drinking garri while mispronouncing it as fried rice.

The woman told her admirers about a time when she left her house at midnight to buy what she jokingly referred to as “fried rice” in a video full of tongue-in-cheek humor.

She humorously portrayed her hunger, candidly acknowledged her financial limitations, and graphically described the dismal landscape throughout her captivating visual story.

She exuded a fascinating and engaging personality that left her viewers very entertained throughout her entertaining visual story as she wittily conveyed her hunger, forthrightly admitted her financial limitations, and graphically portrayed the bleak state of her refrigerator.

watch the video below 👇

Davido, a well-known artist from Nigeria, stumbled across the video not long after Tunde Ednut had uploaded it on his Facebook and thought it was quite hilarious.

The music star sent Tunde Ednut a private message asking for the woman’s bank account information so he could transfer her N2 million.

Tunde Ednut, who was overjoyed, posted the update on social media along with a lengthy remark that praised Davido. Additionally, he requested prayers for the singer.

He stated:

You see why we all love Davido? He has done this many times. After watching, he will laugh and say Tunde, help me give that guy 1 million Naira and then he will say NO ANNOUNCE AM Ooo! But this particular one is N2,000,000 in this era. I had to announce it.

“Can we have a quick prayer for DAVIDO? He’s rich, yes we know. He didn’t have to do this still, but he did. Many will just laugh and move on, but OBO, no! He will drop something.

“No matter how short the prayer might be, can you do a quick prayer for DAVIDO? We all have pains and needs in our hearts and I am sure he needs something from God too.

“Today, I pray God meets David at the point of his needs. God, please give him peace and rest of mind. Thank you for blessing this beautiful girl @okoli_classic ❤️❤️❤️… MAY GOD BLESS YOU.”

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