[Video] UNILAG On Fire As Students protest against the N190,000 increase in school fees.


Students at UNILAG protesting the N190,000 increase in school fees are chased by police and gassed with tear gas. Read Full Article 

Some UNILAG students were protesting the outrageous hike in tuition fees from 19,000 to 190,000 naira, according to current breaking news reports, and Nigerian Police officers chased and gassed them.

It should be remembered that the elimination of education subsidies by the current administration came after the introduction of student loans a few months ago.

Tuition at government institutions nationwide has increased as a result of this decision, angering both parents and students.

It was reported that University of Lagos students have demonstrated against the tuition hike from 19,000 to 190,000 naira.

Police chased away and ordered the students to disperse after they were seen waving their banners and yelling their demands.

Videos online shows the moment some of the students were tear-gased and chased off.

Watch video below 👇

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