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[Video] Trinity Guy: Have Learnt My Lesson, And now Know how Precious Freedom Is”.

Trinity Guy, speaking movingly about his time in jail, says, “Solitude taught me how precious freedom is.”

Days after being released from prison, controversial sketch artist Trinity Guy breaks down in tears as he talks about his time behind bars.continue Reading.

The Instagram prankster was charged in court and detained for several weeks for producing an inappropriate film with a child, it should be mentioned.

After being freed, Trinity Guy visited his Facebook page for the first time in almost two months.

He claims that his brief time in jail made him appreciate freedom and motivated him to live more morally uprightly going forward.


Being alone for a short while made me realize how important freedom is and how much a supportive family can prevent you from going wild. Moving forward, I’ll make sure to take humility into consideration and do my best to maintain it.

Just for a moment, I’d want to offer my sincere gratitude to all of my followers worldwide, as well as to all of my coworkers and family members. Knowing that you are loved so much by others is a wonderful feeling.

God bless everyone who supported me, even the Nigerian police, he stated.

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