[Video] The fact that Blessing CEO underwent surgery after condemning individuals who undergo surgery is no longer news. According to Pretty Mike.


According to Pretty Mike  Blessing Okoro has the worst BBL I’ve ever seen. 

A socialite named Pretty Mike caused a stir on social media by saying that Blessing Okoro had the worst BBL he has ever saw in Nigeria.

Recall how Blessing Okoro, a self-described relationship expert also known as Blessing CEO, revealed earlier this year that she would have another liposuction treatment to better enhance her behind?

A few weeks after making headlines, Blessing Okoro uploaded a video to social media showing off her new curves.

When comparing the best and worst BBL performances by celebrities, Pretty Mike blasted Blessing Okoro’s BBL and said it was the worst he had ever seen in Nigeria.

This statement was stated by Pretty Mike during a podcast conversation on ‘Terms and Conditions’

Watch video below 👇

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