Right now, Blessing CEO is the worst, Pretty Mike criticizes Blessing CEO and argues that Khloe has the best BBL body.


Pretty Mike criticizes Blessing CEO and argues that Khloe has the best BBL body.

Pretty Mike, a celebrity and businessman from Nigeria, recently uploaded pictures of his best and worst BBL bodies.Read Full Article 

In an interview with Pulse Nigeria, the socialite alleged that relationship expert Blessing CEO had his worst BBL to date.

He commended Big Brother Naija reality star Khloe for being the best in his category.

He asserts that Khloe is a buddy of his and that he saw her progress from 0 to 100.

“I have witnessed Khloe from 0 to 100 on BBNaija, and she is my lady. She has the best BBL.

Right now, Blessing CEO is the worst.

The fact that Blessing CEO underwent surgery after condemning individuals who undergo surgery is no longer news.

When the relationship guru showed off her body on social media, she shattered the internet.

She disclosed that she had a liposuction operation done to increase her self-confidence.

Khloe Abiri, a fellow BBN Double Wahala roommate, had also undergone surgery.

In 2020, Bendelnews revealed that the reality star had undergone surgery as a result of bullying after leaving the reality show.

As she celebrated her second anniversary following surgery, Khloe, who had withheld the specifics of her procedure from the public, finally revealed the experience.

Khloe acknowledged being fixated on her new body and how anxious she was and how she had thought she wouldn’t make it alive.

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