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[Video] Moment Young Boy Fell Asleep At Crime Scene While Consuming A Tin Of Bournvita

A video of a young boy who fell asleep while holding a tin of chocolate has gone viral on Twitter.
The little boy who appeared to have secretly eaten up the tin of milo chocolate and apparently fell asleep while on it was caught on camera at the ‘crime scene’.

In the video, his right hand could be seen suspended over the tin covered with chocolates.
The young boy also had his face and clothes covered with chocolates as well.
It is understandable that he fell asleep exhausted from too much sweetness, leaving his mouth hanging open.

The funny video has gained traction and received many reactions from Twitter users.
One of Twitter users said the little boy was high on milo, another said enjoyment will finish the young boy.

Watch the funny video below:

Reactions to the hilarious video by some netizens

@felix_mickens commented: Na over enjoyment cause am
@MADCHRISKING said: He was high on milo
@iam_bekwele replied: Enjoyment wan finish am❤❤❤
@Melvin 060 said: Nah God do this one aswear
@alimibusayo1 commented: My guy don loose guard
@arhleksy said: Snap am then leave am there. Try de even see how your pikin go react after crime
@bravefacefu replied: Has anyone called Nine-Wan-Wan?


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