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[Video] Man expresses opinion on “Why Naira Marley is the ideal person to spread NDLEA’s message.”

According to a Nigerian man, popular rapper Naira Marley would be a better choice to spread awareness about drug abuse.continue Reading 

This arose when Naira Marley and the NDLEA worked together to combat youth drug usage.

You might remember that on Thursday, August 17, 2023, it was revealed that the artist is currently collaborating with the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency on a campaign against drug use.

On his TikTok account, the user @verydarrkmann voiced his opinions over the NDLEA’s decision to deploy Naira Marley as an ambassador to combat drug use.

comments from online users criticizing NDLEA for choosing the well-known rapper to be a long time drug User promoted this.

The TikToker who agrees with the NDLEA’s decision expressed his opinion.

He claimed that he believes the’soapy’ crooner is the ideal choice to deliver the message. 

Naira Marley is a highly regarded member of society, among other things. Additionally, since the message is coming from a drug user, the young will take it more seriously than they would if it were coming from a non-drug user. 

In his words; “The youths trust Naira Marley, because if a smoker comes out to tell them that smoking is bad, they’ll believe the smoker. Than carrying someone who doesn’t smoke to tell people to stop smoking. Nobody is going to believe that there’s danger by smokinɠ because he has no smoking experience. .so Naira Marley is the perfect

Watch video below 👇



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