Ifu Ennada: People claimed that I am homosexual and a male who resembles a woman.


Ifu Ennada talks about dealing with online trolls in her essay “Trolls call me transgender”

Ifu Ennada, a reality TV personality, recently shared her experiences with online abusers with her social media fans.continue Reading 

She suggested that her direct messages (DM) might have a YouTube channel when discussing the everyday texts she receives in her inbox.

She said this with socialite Pretty Mike during one of their appearances at Sparks on MTV Base Africa.

The star insisted that she had received veiled SMSes calling her “transgender,” “gay,” and a “guy that looks like women.”

Ifu Ennada asserts: “I think my DM ought to have a YouTube channel or a TV show. because I’ve received the strangest DMs.

“Let’s begin with the trolls. People have referred to me as transgender. Some have even claimed that I am homosexual and a male who resembles a woman. I’ve received all of those calls. You can tell I’m a lady.

In addition to that, I have also had irrational males give me their private businesses (private parts) in my DMs. She stated.

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