[Video] Bewaji is not my first wife; she is actually my daughter. – Portable discusses his marriage in detail.


Disputed musician Portable has acknowledged that his wife Bewaji is not his first wife and that she initially treated him like a daughter.continue ReadingĀ 

He revealed a number of details about his personal life when taking part in the acclaimed podcast the Honest Bunch.

Contrary to widespread assumption, he insists that He Bewaji is not his first spouse. He stated that Bewaji, who was more of a daughter, was chosen instead since his own first wife had betrayed him.

Netizens applaud Portable’s wife, Zainab, for sending her stepson Portable, Bewaji, and son a birthday message.

He said Bewaji used to help him out financially and send him money when he needed it; she continued to help him, according to Portable, up until the day he decided to marry her.

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