The Tribunal was correct to dismiss the case contesting Shettima’s qualifications, according to Clarke.


According to Senior Advocate of Nigeria and wise man Robert Clarke, the decision of the five-member panel of the Presidential Petition Election Tribunal (PEPT) led by Justice Haruna Tsammani on a petition of the Allied Peoples Movement (APM) contesting the eligibility of Vice President Kashim Shettima was correct. Read Full Article 

Bendelnews recalls that on Wednesday, the Tribunal rejected the argument on the grounds that the question of qualification or disqualification is one that should have been debated prior to the presidential election.

 “The constitutional question of qualification or disqualification. Election-related matters include the question of qualification or disqualification. Before the election is held, it must be decided. Before the election is held, it must be decided. Because it is a pre-election matter, this court lacks jurisdiction to hear the case, and even if it had, it would be ineligible to do so, according to Tsammani.

In response to the dismissal of the case, Clarke asserted that it was obvious that the Tribunal lacked jurisdiction over the APM’s attempt to disqualify Shettima. Clarke was speaking as a guest on the Arise News TV program.

But he said that the person that was wronged could go to the Supreme Court to seek justice.

“The Tribunal may only investigate election procedures under the Constitution; it may not inquire into subjects unrelated to elections.

“However, I’m suggesting that every coin has two sides to it. Regardless of whether the case involves a pre-election matter or not, the litigants have received the Tribunal’s ruling but may still appeal it to the Supreme Court.

 The Tribunal was right. I will say without reservation that I accept the Tribunal’s decision. Either party may choose to apply under the terms of our own law and constitution, according to Clarke.

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