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Since Mohbad’s death I Keep Wondering “What does a human life cost in Nigeria?”- Mary Njoku enquires while discussing Mohbad’s passing.

Nollywoodactress Mary Remmy Njoku has brought up a significant issue for Nigerians in response to the circumstances of Mohbad’s passing. Read more ….

Mary acknowledged that she had never heard of Mohbad before his passing and that she never listens to Malian music.

For the first time, Jason Njoku’s wife watched disturbing videos online and listened to his music, which brought her to tears.

She cried out for justice, claiming that his murder had left her wondering about the worth of human life in Nigeria.

Never really been a big Malians supporter. I found the tunes to be a bit overwhelming. So, I had never heard of this budding artist. But watching these movies that are becoming viral online and listening to his music last night both made me cry. It makes me wonder what a human life actually is worth in Nigeria. Haba”.



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