He had a wound on his hand. — Mohbad’s father discusses his son’s last moments.


According to Mohbad’s father, “Mohbad died from an injection given to him by an auxiliary nurse” Mohbad’s father describes how he hurried to the hospital the day before his son passed away after receiving a phone call about his son’s condition. Read more…..

The grieving father spoke about getting a call from friends asking him to meet them at the hospital on the day his son passed away in a recent interview.

Mr. Aloba claimed that he was waiting for a bus when he got a call telling him to go home again. He requested to see his son since he was concerned that anything had happened.

When he got to his son’s residence, he saw that, contrary to popular belief, his dead body had been injured in his hand rather than his neck.

The story claims that the man’s hand swelling was brought on by a joking argument he had with a friend.

Additionally, Mohbad’s father said that his friends had told him that Mohbad had puked after receiving an injection from an assistant nurse.

Mr. Aloba came to the opinion that the ‘quack’ nurse who treated his child at home might have been negligently to blame for his demise.

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