“She warned you Mohbad. You were truly fighting with demons.” Fans search through earlier posts of the girl who foretold Mohbad’s doom in 2022 in an effort to find her.


A Nigerian girl’s forecast that the deceased singer Mohbad will pass away in November 2022 has ignited online debate. Read more...

A woman using the handle debbie_goddez posted the dream she had about MohBad’s unexpected demise in November 2022.

As she shared her dream on Instagram, she fervently prayed for the musician, pleading with God to prevent his premature death.

“I pray that you won’t pass away before it’s time. Since my dream indicated differently, I am sincerely praying for you, she replied.

Sadly, on Tuesday, September 12, 2023, MohBad’s life was tragically cut short despite the wishes and prayers of his supporters.

The music business was shocked by the news of his passing, and his fans were in sorrow.

@hardejhoke2086 reacted: “Keep praying.

@richy_billy_02 said: “Omo my body dey shake please you guys should leave naira marley out of this rip young champ.”

@barbie_savage122 said: “It is well M this one pain me.”

@ola_geedey said: “Rest on CHAMP!”

@diaz_bugg commented: “Chaii e they pain for body this news no be media matters. I’m being fucked right now (al Darkness covers the surface of earth.”

@chrishaper_7220 reacted: “All of una wey Dey talk day the girl was right, you Dey follow the girl you saw the post y’all are stupid this country na when the innocent boy die na him una know say the girl right when he Dey alive una no bring am up to safe him from the evil trap. RIP IMOLE.”

@bhusayorr reacted: “Nothing and no one lasts forever.”

@susannna wrote: “Now they are searching for her handle but when she made the prediction everyone overlooked. So sad.”

@rike_olamirii commented: “First time I cried for someone I don’t know. God I’m so pained rn can’t can’t sleep.”

@shuuuga_theelite said: “Omo who off light.”

@amakiel said: “She warned you Mohbad. You were truly fighting with demons.”

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