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Reinaldo Fuentes, 68, Drowned Alive For Stealing Drug Cartel’s 450lb Cocaine Shipment.(Video)

In retaliation for stealing 450 pounds of cocaine and money from a cartel, a fugitive Venezuelan drug dealer known as Taliban was thrown alive into the water while his hands were zip-tied and an anchor was wrapped around his waist.Read full article 
The 68-year-old Reinaldo Fuentes is shown in a chilling web video being lifted over the edge of a boat near Martinique by his assailants while sporting blood streaks on the back of his head.
After that, Fuentes is abandoned at sea to perish.
The video doesn’t show any of his captors, but one can be heard in the background saying, “Make sure none of our faces can be seen,” while another later added, “He has no way to save himself.”
It was learned that Fuentes, a middleman for the Venezuelan Clan del Cartel, had previously dropped a shipment of drugs worth $10 million at sea, made up a fictitious Coast Guard pursuit to justify not returning the contraband to his bosses, and kept the money.
Later, after repackaging the cocaine, he transferred it to another Caribbean island before returning to the water to collect it.
Rafael Tolentino, a seasoned journalist, revealed on Monday’s episode of “Esto No Es Radio,” a daily morning programme in the Dominican Republic, that Fuentes had obtained a fake national identification card that had allowed him to live under the name Miguel Fulcar there, making it impossible for authorities to find him.
In the Dominican city of Bonao, Fuentes reportedly cared for her daughter while dating a well-known attorney.
His three children from a previous relationship were born in Sucre, Venezuela, where he was born.
Due to his shady contacts with Middle Eastern drug lords, Fuentes is said to have controlled the drug trade in Buenos Aires’ Bonao neighbourhood.
In a shootout with the police in Buenos Aires, two members of his organisation had previously died. Police were directed to a house by an investigation after a bonao home’s arsenal was found there. Apparently, Fuentes was the rightful owner of the guns.
According to sources, Tolentino Fuentes arrived on July 14 and stayed for two days before departing.
Tolentino was informed by sources that Fuentes was killed as a result of his involvement in the theft of a multi-million dollar cocaine shipment bound for Tortola, the largest of the British Virgin Islands.
 On July 17, Fuentes left his Dominican house and was persuaded to attend a cartel meeting at an undisclosed location. He was taken at that time, and later that day, he was dumped at the sea.


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