Former Kaduna Central MP Shehu Sani has shared his thoughts on the coup in Gabon.


Shehu Sani’s response to the coup in Gabon is “This Is the Result of Choked Democracy.”Read Full Article 

Former Kaduna Central MP Shehu Sani has shared his thoughts on the coup in Gabon.

Bendelnews claimed that the announcement of the coup had been made by Gabon’s military leaders.

The officers claimed to speak for all of Gabon’s security and defense personnel in order to demonstrate their dominance over the nation.

During their broadcast speech, they proclaimed the cancellation of the election results, the shutting of all borders until further notice, and the dissolution of state institutions.

Following the officers’ declaration, emotions grew, and a Reuters reporter heard gunfire in Libreville, the nation’s capital.

The officers pledged to maintain the peace by overthrowing the incumbent administration on behalf of the Gabonese people.

In response to the change, Shehu Sani said that Gabon has long maintained an authoritarian system of governance.

He stated that it is not a democracy when a single family rules a country for fifty years.

According to the former lawmaker, the suppression of democracy played a role in the coup.

He said through Twitter that the military coupists had overthrown Gabon’s father-to-son dictatorship. One family ruling for fifty years is not a democracy. This is the result of suffocating democracy. That is sad.

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