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Peter OBI urges Nigerian youth to be inspired by Agboola’s success and to recommit to lifelong learning and development.

Africa’s youngest certified Amazon Web Guru, Joshua Agboola, 13, is hailed by Peter Obi as a “absolute genius.”

The Labour Party’s (LP) presidential candidate Peter Obi has acknowledged Joshua Agboola, a 13-year-old Nigerian webmaster and programmer, on social media. Continue Reading 

According to in Obi’s tweet, Agboola recently became the youngest Certified Amazon Web Services (AWS) Developer Associate in Africa.

The achievement “should cheer the hearts of most patriotic Nigerians,” according to Obi.

“Dear Joshua,” he tweeted. I’m happy for you today because you accomplished so much. You have distinguished yourself and our country. I implore you to continue concentrating on creating a fantastic future for yourself and a better society for everyone.

Obi claims that Agboola’s accomplishment demonstrates the need of education for every young and aspirational Nigerian child.

He urged Nigerian youth to be inspired by Agboola’s success and to recommit to lifelong learning and the development of innovative ideas that promote society.

This accomplishment serves as a reminder of the vital functions that education plays in every child’s life, the author stated.His achievement should serve as an example for young people in our country to work hard to hone their talents and constantly aim to do better at what they do. The achievement attained by positively utilizing talents is significantly more honorable.

Instead of engaging in illicit activity that would damage the nation’s reputation, he advised young people to use their talents to advance the nation.

“If leadership inspires hope through competence and transparency with productivity as the key goals,” stated Obi, “then our leaders of tomorrow will be directed towards making positive use of their talents instead of diverting efforts to criminality.”

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