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A man who marries 10 women in one day draws attention online.


Polygamy reached new heights when an unnamed young African American guy married ten different women in one day in an unconventional wedding ceremony, igniting intense online debate and curiosity. Continue Reading 

Social media users were shocked and intrigued as soon as a video of the astonishing event went viral.

The wedding, which took place in an undisclosed location and featured a unique union that breaches social norms even in nations where polygamy is accepted, was attended by close friends and family members.

Despite the fact that polygamy is a widespread practice, large-scale multiple marriages are extremely rare.

In the movie, the African American groom can be seen grinning with joy as he poses with his ten wedded wives, all of whom are dressed to the nines in magnificent bridal attire.

In an unusual group photo, the young man was seen stooping while one of his wives was respectfully sat on his knees.

Social media platforms soon erupted in a mix of wonder, intrigue, and appreciation as the video spread like wildfire.

Online Reactions

I can see why a woman would want many husbands, but I’ll never understand why a man would want multiple wives, remarked @tonichauntel.

@LordComrie tweeted: “10 different birthdays, 10 different favorite colors, ice cream, 10 distinct sets of mood swings, 10 different fights, 10 various sorts of love languages. Then, all cycles suddenly sync. LOL, what a mess.

“People like this marry so many women because, in the end, they only see women as bodies and think, “Woww 10 different gals to bang!”,” said @SUPER_UN_STABLE. not the TEN distinct people to whom they must devote their lives. Bet bro couldn’t even identify the hues of their eyes.

Watch Video below 👇

Bro gonna lose his mind pic.twitter.com/aRSp01RTHp

— Lance🇱🇨 (@Bornakang) August 1, 2023



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