Over the high expense of life, a man sets himself on fire.



On Thursday afternoon in the coastal city of Mombasa, a man from Kenya lit himself on fire in what he claimed to be a protest against the high cost of living.

Before starting his own fire, the man scaled the top of a statue in the centre of a busy roundabout.

The man is seen clutching the Kenyan flag in the violent video. He then shouts, and in a split second, a big fireball engulfs him.

He was saved by bystanders who swiftly contributed to putting out the fire.

He explained to the onlookers that he was protesting the high cost of living and the “stolen” presidential election from the previous year, in which Raila Odinga lost to President William Ruto.

The individual was saved, and he is now receiving treatment at the nearby Coast General Teaching and Referral Hospital.

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