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On the cover of Real Simple Magazine, singer Jennifer Hudson again calls “#Common” a beautiful man.


Jennifer Hudson, an American singer, is the featured artist on the cover of Real Simple Magazine’s September issue.

The singer, age 41, sat down for a lengthy chat where she discussed motherhood and the potential for a new record.

The singer recently discussed her current relationship with Common and mentioned him in her remarks.

She reiterated her prior statement to a news source last week that the rapper was “beautiful” when asked about her relationship with him.

Mr. Common, or as we refer to him, Rashid, is a really gorgeous man. She told Real Simple, “And that’s all I will say.”
She argued that she is now more focused on her children than dating, though.
Along with parenting, Hudson mentioned that she has started educating her kid about issues affecting African-Americans.
“As a mother of a Black boy, you have to instill in him a sense of identity and self-awareness about who he is in the world. And he still has a tonne of layers to learn! But he’s old enough now to completely comprehend it,” she said.
She claimed that her 13-year-old son David, whom she has with her ex-fiance David Otunga, was her first priority.
‘Like my mother, I don’t think it’s right to let just anyone around my kids. I take extra precautions and am vigilant.It took a while to get here. Since my child has obviously been my priority, she said.
The musician mentioned returning to the recording studio at one point during the discussion when discussing her future intentions.
I’m about to release an album. Even though I’m hosting a discussion show, I won’t be stopping my acting or singing career. She said, “I do all of these things because it’s my passion.”


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