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Korra Obidi Stirs Up Instagram Live as She Gets dressed [Video]

Nigerian singer and dancer Korra Obidi started a social media trend by dressing up for a Facebook live performance.continue Reading 

During the live broadcast, Korra Obidi could be seen struggling to put on black pants while only wearing underwear.

Many internet users expressed their displeasure with her appearance when the video went viral.

A Facebook user named Lala Johnson made the remark, “You couldn’t have your pants already on that was weird.

view the video here;

A few weeks ago, Korra Obidi unintentionally made her p+nts public during a Facebook live conversation with her older sister, Nancy Umeh.

When the incident happened, Nancy Umeh was braiding Korra’s hair as the two sisters enjoyed a great day together.

When Korra Obidi returned to the location after getting some mangoes in the video, she was unable to maintain a suitable position and exposed her underwear to the camera.

When the dancer from the US realized what had transpired, she cried in shock, “Jesus, they saw my p+nt.”

Nancy Umeh, the sister of Korra Obidi, has provided her with excellent support throughout these trying times. She encouraged her and persuaded her that the incident was unimportant. The two sisters get along well, and their admirers enjoy seeing them together.



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