Khosi, the Big Brother Titans champion, was involved in a Fatal car Accident.


The BBTitans reality show champion Makhosazane Twala, commonly known as Khosi, discusses her upbringing as a Christian and how she remained virgin till the age of 22. Continue Reading 

She recently admitted that she spent her adolescence as a devout Christian in an interview with media personality Hero Daniels. Kkhosi claimed that throughout that time, as a devout Christian, she preserved her virginity and shunned harmful social interactions. 

Belief in the Higher Power, in her own words, “has always been a huge component in my life. Just that some parts of it were more powerful than others.When I was 18, I underwent baptism.

Between the ages of 18 and 21, I had such a strong faith. I didn’t consume alcohol or smoke. While I waited for my husband, I was a virgin [laughs]. When I was 22 years old, I was shocked. The South African journalist, who is 25 years old, continued, “I have always been a pious person.

I didn’t have much at the time, but things seemed to be improving. Funny enough, though, I was starting to feel down.I’m not sure how to describe it. So, I didn’t have much when I was in tertiary [university]. But I was adamant. The only plan I had was to complete my studies before putting out effort.The fact that I completed my studies and received a diploma but still lacked a Paying Job.

The Big Brother Titans winner, Khosi Twala, was involved in a car accident alongside her mother, her boyfriend, and other contestants.

Khosi Twala, the Big Brother Titans champion, reportedly got into a car accident on Sunday morning in Mozambique.

She was riding in the car with Mmeli Khumalo, her mother, and Marvin Achi, a Big Brother Titans contestant who is also her boyfriend.

The incident happened in Maputo, a city on the ocean. They may have been in a car that strayed off the road and crashed into a tree.

Khosi and her companions were taken to a neighboring hospital, where they were treated for minor wounds.

Since that time, everyone has been allowed to leave the hospital and is currently taking it easy at their hotel.

Khosi, 24, comes from South Africa’s Soweto. She is a model and has a law degree. She was the first female winner of Big Brother Titans in 2023.

She is admired for her brains, wit, and beauty.

It pleases Khosi’s admirers to know that she is recovering from the accident and is unharmed.

Khosi hasn’t yet spoken out publicly about the incident, but one is soon to come.

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