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JUST IN: Two young Boys were Shot Dead By A police in Ogun State for stealing toothpaste, noodles, soap, and a GOtv decoder.

Two young males are wanted by the police in Ogun for stealing toothpaste, noodles, soap, and a GOtv decoder.continue Reading 

A live turkey, half a bag of rice, toothpaste, palm oil, noodles, soap, and other items were allegedly stolen by two men in Ogun state.

The arrest of the suspects, Kolawole Shobowale and Moruf Soyoye, was verified by Omolola Odutola, the police spokesperson for Ogun State.

He said the suspected thieves frightened Oke-Ejigbo and smashed into homes and shops. The Oke-Ejigbo neighborhood of Abeokuta, the state capital, is where the Ogun State Police Command and the So-Safe Corps caught Odutola on Sunday.

Kolawole and Moruf were captured yesterday about 6:30 a.m., the spokesperson said, owing to information provided by So-Safe Corps Commander Lawal Mudashiru.

A So-Safe Corps officer allegedly saw a three-person gang and pursued them to their homes after learning that one of the suspects had a bloody leg and was carrying a live turkey.

According to reports, the So-Safe Corps agent cordoned off the suspects’ homes, which resulted in the arrest of two of them and the escape of the third.

According to Odutola, “those arrested have confessed to the crime.”

One live turkey, kegs of palm oil, kegs of vegetable oil, a half bag of rice, Indomie noodles, macaroni, detergents, toothpastes, phones, a GOtv decoder, sacks of clothes, insecticide, and soaps were among the items she mentioned as having been retrieved from their homes.

According to reports, Oke-Ejigbo people invaded the Oke-Itoku Pilice Division to see whether any of the things were theirs. According to Odutola, the State CIID will be given control of the situation to conduct additional research and maybe bring charges.



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