A Business Man Threatens his 11-year girlfriend to Wed His 2 year Partner: “You know I don’t like drama. This is just a warning to you”.


A businessman is accused of leaving his 11-year girlfriend and child’s mother to wed his 2 year partner.continue Reading 

Ohene Phara, a businessman in Ghana’s real estate industry, made headlines when he wed his girlfriend of two years, Awurama, after an 11-year marriage to Serwaa Prikels, the mother of his children.

A low-key wedding ceremony officiated by Phara, a well-known real estate agent, caught the attention of neighborhood blogs and media websites.

This unexpected exposure reportedly infuriated Phara, who then accused his ex-girlfriend Serwaa of orchestrating the spread of untrue accusations through paid bloggers.

The CEO complained about the alleged misinterpretation of the facts on Snapchat.

One day after his wedding, Phara openly discussed why he chose Awurama over his long-term spouse.

He said that for seven years he had been aware of Serwaa’s alleged interactions with married men but had chosen to remain silent out of concern for their daughter and a wish to stay out of the public eye.

Phara addressed Serwaa personally in several of his Snapchat posts, which displayed a range of emotions. He complained about her actions and said that she was trying to attract attention by circulating rumors.

Serwaa was also accused of being hypocritical for engaging in extramarital affairs while expecting him to propose to her.

He further hinted that if she persisted in annoying him, he may provide more negative information.

Phara recognized that he had previously opted to keep his thoughts and information to himself, but he insisted that he had come to the point where he could no longer put up with the circumstance.

Serwaa was cautioned by him not to engage in more drama and, if she did, he threatened to make her activities known to the entire country.

In his words;

“I see you want drama but my dear if I start we both won’t enter Ghana. I’ve been quiet for 7yrs and never altered a word. You’re paying bloggers to spread fake rumors. But you and I know that’s not the truth.

“You’re in Accra fxxkxng people’s husbands yet you want me to marry you. Upon All the shit you’ve put me through in my life I never disgraced you but I see you wana ruin my day. I’ve been quiet for the sake of love I have for our daughter.

“You know I don’t like drama. This is just a warning to you. Try me and I will reveal to the whole Ghana such a whore you are. Today you want marriage??? All my friends and family are ready for you. Just start it and let’s see. I love my daughter so much so I don’t wana go far. You’re busy paying bloggers yet you’re busily fucking Nana Ama Mcbrowns husband and etc. oo should I continue with the rest?

“Girl don’t start drama else you will close the same shop I opened for you and stop the fucking Range Rover I bought for you. You know I have you in my palms so don’t try. You’ve cheated on me all my life and you want marriage?? Girl don’t try okay.

“You dieer bring it on. And let’s wash out dirty stuffs and see who will suffer the most. My only worry is the adorable daughter I have with you.

“If only you know the way I’m ready for you this time you will stop the nonsense you’re doing. Met you when you were just a little 19yrs girl from Santa Maria. I brought you to east Legon. Opened a saloon for you, give you big cars to drive

“We’ve all moved on, I’m getting married and you wana take away my wife’s shine by paying bloggers to talk shii. If I were you I will just keep mute. We’re all ready for u swthrt, And we’re coming with evidence.

“Tell that stupid woman you paid to rant that shxxt that you’ve been cheating ever since, and your bf caught you multiple times and got fed up. And tell her how disrespectful you’re to your bf’s family.

“Don’t provoke me or else the things I will reveal, you can’t stay in Accra with me! You know the only reason why I will not go further is because I have a child with u. Don’t try me dear!”

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