It’s really absurd. – Beyonce’s mother refutes claims that she takes her own personal toilet seats when she travels.

Beyoncé’s mother Tina Knowles has dispelled rumours that she tours with portable toilet seats.continue reading 
When a source informed the US Sun that the hitmaker can obtain everything she wants, the rumours regarding Beyoncé’s toilet seats first surfaced earlier this month.
Beyoncé is such an elite performer she can literally request anything,” the insider claimed.
“Her team makes great effort to ensure she has her own comforts and a personal toilet seat happens to be one.”
The insider also said:
Her tour roadies have seen everything so it’s not a great deal for them, but it does raise a smile from people who happen to catch a glimpse of the branded container.
However, Tina Knowles has refuted the claims, saying that the picture of a black box marked “BEYONCÉ TOILET SEATS” that was taken backstage was really part of the singer’s Renaissance World Tour set.
That is so ridiculous,” the mom of two told TMZ on Monday, August 14.
“Those are stands that you put fans on, they’re called toilet seats,” she said.
The idea of Knowles’ daughter asking for her own personalised toilet seat in the bathroom was “too much,” the 69-year-old Knowles continued.

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