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In a school attack in Plateau, robbers kill instructors and hurt others.

Once more, terrorists enter the community of Zamfara and kidnap seven people.

In the Riyom Local Government Area of Plateau State, bandits attacked a secondary school and killed two teachers.continue Reading 

The victims were a young married couple who worked as teachers at the BECO Comprehensive Secondary School in the LG’s Kwi area, according to the information gathered.

In order to prepare for Friday’s “Speech and Prize-giving Day” at the school, teachers convened on Monday afternoon to compile student exam results. This is when the incident allegedly occurred.

Moses Gwott, a local youth leader, confirmed the killings to The PUNCH in Jos on Tuesday. Additionally, he asserted that the bandits had hurt a number of teachers, including the vice principal of the school.

Gwott recalled, “The robbers interrupted the staff meeting on Monday at around 3 o’clock, bringing their cattle inside the school compound. The staff had requested that the clearly Fulani criminals remove their cows from the vicinity of the school. However, rather than submitting, they pulled out weapons and started firing at the teachers, killing two of them.

Rwang Tengwong, the national publicity secretary of the Berom Youths Moulders Association, recognized the attack in a statement on Tuesday and requested the government to abolish open grazing in the communities to stop future occurrences of this kind of thing.

“The Berom Youths Moulder-Association is once more saddened by the invasion of BECO Comprehensive School, Kwi, where two staff members, Mr. and Mrs. Rwang Danladi, reportedly were shot dead and one Mr. Dalyop Emmanuel Ibrahim, the school’s vice principal, was seriously injured by some unknown Fulani armed men along with suspected bandits at around 3 pm on Monday, August 14, 200.

The recently married couple Rwang Danladi and Mrs. Sandra Rwang Danladi, who worked at the school, died as a result of this, while Mr. Dalyop Emmanuel Ibrahim, the vice principal of the organization, suffered a serious injury and is currently receiving medical care at the Jos University Teaching Hospital.

Under the direction of Solomon Dalyop Mwantiri, the Berom Youth Moulder-Association expressed worry on “how these terrorists from Fass and Mahanga now move freely with arms and graze on farmlands, intimidating locals at nearby communities.”

Alfred Alabo, the state’s police public relations officer, could not be reached for comment by phone.



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