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In a new poll by the associated press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research , 77% said Biden is too old to be effective for another years while Trump is described as ‘corrupt and dishonest’

An alarming sign for Joe Biden’s reelection campaign is that an increasing number of Americans believe he is too elderly to serve as president. Biden is too elderly to be effective for four more years, according to 77% of respondents in a recent poll by The Associated Press-NORC Centre for Public Affairs Research. 89% of Republicans and 69% of Democrats both agree on this. Read full article 

Not just young people, but individuals of all ages share that opinion, albeit senior Democrats in particular support his 2024 campaign more.
 If he wins reelection in the 2024 election, 
Biden, who is already the oldest president in American history, would be 82 when he began a second term.
The poll’s participants regarded him as “old” and “confused.” Meanwhile, Donald Trump was labelled as “corrupt” and “dishonest” despite being charged in four separate cases. Only about half of American adults in the poll believe Trump is too elderly for the job, and this is where the party gap between Democrats and Republicans becomes clear: Democrats are much more inclined to believe Trump is too old for the job. Age wasn’t simply a consideration in the presidential election. Americans said they wanted a thorough cleaning of all government positions, including those held by Supreme Court justices and younger MPs.


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