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Guns are not the problem and ‘wicked’ people are to blame_sheriff investigating racist mass shooter.

Guns are not the issue, according to the Florida sheriff looking into the racist mass shooter Ryan Palmeter; rather, ‘wicked’ humans are to responsible for similar catastrophes. Read full article 
The 21-year-old who fatally shot three black people at a Dollar General store in the city this weekend, according to Jacksonville Sheriff TK Waters, had his guns in his possession legally. 
With two firearms, including an AR-15-style rifle decorated with swastikas, Palmeter entered the business on Saturday and started shooting, which is being investigated as a hate crime by the police. 
Before turning the gun on himself, he shot and killed Jerrald De’Shaun Gallion, 19, Anolt Joseph “A.J.” Laguerre Jr., 29, and Angela Michelle Carr, 52. 
At a press conference on Sunday, investigating Sheriff TK Waters said that the use of firearms was not to blame.  
There are always guns in the story. The problem is with the people,’ he declared. 
“This man is a villain.” Nothing would happen if I put my gun on the counter at this very moment. It will remain still. 
“However, the issue arises as soon as a bad guy seizes that firearm and begins shooting people with it. The individual is the issue.
“People use guns as a tool to commit heinous crimes. But it’s the people that use these weapons, and he had no reason to be in possession of those weapons at all.
No red flag could have appeared to prevent him from buying the guns because they were lawfully owned.
According to him, the guns merchants Wild West Guns and Orange Park Gun and Pawn conducted the sales in accordance with the law. 
Sheriff TK Waters stated that Palmeter’s “manifesto” is “quite frankly the diary of a madman” and that he doesn’t think there is a “racial divide” in the community.    
The sheriff declared that although the man was totally insane, he was also extremely lucid and knew what he was doing. 
The killer’s acquaintances have begun to divulge information about his life, including neighbours who knew his parents and who think he had recently been weaned off of medication. 
Before shooting the three victims dead and turning the pistol on himself, the racist was seen entering the Jacksonville Dollar General in horrifying video.


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