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I’ll drag you Down till thy kingdom Comes. Halima Abubakar Resumes Dragging Apst. Suleman On Social media…

“Every one of your side girls is in my DM,” Halima Abubakar resumes dragging the priest while daring to expose Apst. Suleman continue Reading.

Halima Abubakar is challenged by Apostle Suleman to “prove your allegations against me in court”

The well-known Nollywood actress Halima Abubakar is still involved in her conflict with reverend Apostle Johnson Suleman.

After being confined to bed for several months, the Hollywood actor has started dragging the cleric again.

In a series of Instagram postings, Halima vowed to drag the pastor to death and said she should not be punished.

Halima said that she is not afraid of him and that the chicks she gave him are flocking to him.

As she lambasted him, the actress claimed that his side ladies were in her DMs.

“The girls I gave you are arriving in large numbers. You feel absolutely no regret at all. Nobody is afraid of you, JS, if you want to take a picture with Putin. Papi, you should not hurt me.

All of your girls are in my dms, Papa

“I’ll drag you along till thy kingdom arrives; those who revere God will receive forgiveness.

Quit being Papa. I’ve been silent about you so far.

“Pay no attention to canal pastors. Who makes excuses? I’m also a human. then move on to threesome. a liar without boundaries.

Such people are not worth my time to listen to.

Papi, may God keep punishing you. You will never be at ease, no matter where you are.



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