Government of Benue grants N6 billion for roads Construction.


Benue State’s governor, Rev. Fr. Hyacinth Alia Within the city of Makurdi, work on 16 roads totaling 15 point 39 kilometers formally started on Continue ReadingĀ 

According to the governor, building the roads will cost N6 billion and take 11 months.

As we prepare to develop the new Benue within our first 100 days in office, Alia claims that “the colossal building of 16 roads in the Makurdi city measuring 15.39km marks a key milestone in our promise to revamp the infrastructure of Benue State.

The Nigerian Navy Barracks Road, Nigerian Navy Barracks Road with Spur to Akuma Abanyam, and Othaniel Taanghar Street were among the roads the governor listed as being prepared for construction. They are all in the New GRA section of Makurdi, as are Keghem Malu Street, Orkuma Akunda Street, Lush Street, and Augustinian Community roads.

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