General Christopher Musa has charged operational commanders not to spare any terrorist, bandit and other criminals that pose threats to national security.

Operational commanders have been ordered not to spare any terrorist, bandit, or criminal in their various areas of duty by the Chief of Defence Staff (CDS), General Christopher Musa.Read full article 
The inaugural Defence Headquarters Joint Task Force Commanders Conference, with the theme “Towards Enhancing Joint Task Force Operations for National Security”, was held in Abuja on Saturday, and he delivered the concluding address.
He claimed that the accusation was appropriate and in keeping with President Bola Tinubu’s order to the military and other security agencies to take swift action against any threats to national security.
He further urged them to be devoted, focused, and determined in order to fulfil the President’s directive that no terrorist, bandit, or criminal should be spared in any region of the nation.
He claimed that the conference had given them the chance to share their experiences and lessons learned, talk about the difficulties they were facing, and collectively plot a course for the future.
The CDS asserted that the knowledge acquired, the connections made, and the concepts developed during the conference would have a major impact on the efficiency and accomplishment of ongoing joint activities.
“One of the most important lessons from our conversations has been the value of teamwork.
We must promote a culture of cooperation, collaboration, and synergy among our soldiers as commanders, he stressed.
He emphasised the necessity of reforming the organisational structures of the various operations, saying that they must restore the spirit of “jointness” to their separate task forces and incorporate it into their everyday activities.
The CDS gave the commanders the assurance that all operational issues would be resolved in order to ensure efficacy across all theatre of operations.
He exhorted the leaders to constantly inspire and motivate their men.

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