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Foolishness Is Spending Millions of Money for Bride Price/Marriage list, Nigeria Man Angrily Speaks. See Reasons He said…

Spending millions of dollars on a bride for a woman who multiple men hooked for free is foolishness, according to a Nigerian man 
Regarding the custom of paying a woman’s wedding price, a Nigerian man by the name of King Chidi stated his opinions.
The tweets soon gained popularity, igniting a contentious discussion on social media.
According to Chidi’s opinion, it is absurd to spend a lot of money on bride costs, lengthy marriage lists, and pricey wedding ceremonies for women who have already had multiple sexual partners.
He equated this behavior to compensating all the guys that interacted with the woman for free in an indirect manner.
He Wrote:
“Spending millions on the bride price, marriage registry, and wedding ceremony is foolishness.” For a woman that several men freely knacked. It would be equivalent to compensating each former lover for their years of labor to your promiscuous wife’s overworked kpekus.
Bitter truths The non-virgin woman you are paying millions of dollars for will invite the majority of the men who gave her free sex in the club, vehicle, bathroom, bushes, etc., to your wedding. On August 1, he said, “And those same men will shake you and tell you that you’re blessed to have her.


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