Education Should Benefit from Fuel Subsidy Savings, the UK Government Tells Tinubu.


Niger Coup: The Complete Opening Speech by President Tinubu The Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) of the UK government supported President Bola Tinubu’s plan to use fuel subsidy revenues to further education in the nation during the second ECOWAS Summit continue Reading.

At the conclusion of the Inclusive Education project in Nigeria, (Supporting Mainstreaming Inclusion so everyone can Learn Equally, SMILE), on Wednesday in Abuja, FCDO’s representative, Ian Attfield, made this statement.

“I’m sure we won’t be having discussions about how we can mainstream some of the inclusive education elements for the next five years or so,” he said.

“Many significant economic changes are currently occurring, such as adjustments to fuel subsidies. It should begin to be used to help Nigeria’s efforts to construct the education and other services that young people require, among other things.

Speaking at the event, Dr. Sunday Isiyaku, Country Director of the NGO Sightsavers Nigeria, said that inclusion in education continues to be the foundation of a country’s development.

He contends that all levels of government and communities must take steps to include children with disabilities in decisions affecting their education and future.

In order to improve the lives of impaired children and their families, he emphasized the importance of developing human capital.

He claimed that inclusive education was a powerful tool for achieving long-term development in addition to being a fundamental human right.

In her remarks, Liesbeth Roolvink, Technical Director, Inclusive Education, Sightsavers Global Team, said: “We have trained many people, and now we have so many champions that could take this process forward in different places in Nigeria. That is our dream and our hope.”

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