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Deby Oscar warns against the third marriage of her sister’s abusive ex-husband.

Popular actress Deby Oscar has expressed worry about her sister’s abusive ex-husband, who is planning to wed another lady for a third time.continue Reading 

Deby Oscar posted a pre-wedding photo of the alleged abuser and his future wife on social media and expressed her hope that he wouldn’t treat her like he did her sister.

She added that in order to warn the new lady about the kind of man he is, she had chosen to inform her about the upcoming marriage.

Everyone the lady knew was asked to let the actress know that she shouldn’t go through with the marriage.

She penned:

I’ll be the one to talk, oh. I’ll speak!

We allow abusive men to get away with it, and a child will suffer as a result!

Because my sister would never have wed him if the first wife had mustered the fortitude to warn her and make her presence known.

because the men are not performing it. We have a responsibility to warn other women. Let them choose intelligently.

They frequently fill your head with lies (like in my sister’s case), and by the time you learn the reality, you feel trapped.

As I stated, if you know her, do let her know. A mistake can happen once. But two times?



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