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Davido Never Told Me he Was Married; Anita Brown clarified the situation.

I was unaware that Davido was married.Anita Brown, a supposedly pregnant side woman, clarified the situation.

Davido’s alleged sidekick Anita Brown has reaffirmed her allegation that she was not aware of the musician’s married status when they were dating.continue Reading 

Anita acknowledged on the brand-new platform Thread that she would quit claiming ignorance of Davido’s marriage.

Anita said that she is too truthful and upfront to lie about not being aware of his marital status.

She prefers to be honest and thinks lying is pointless.

She added that while she is in a decent situation, she has no desire to interact with the Adeleke family.

“I won’t ever have to keep saying that I didn’t know someone was married.

Never go on defending yourself to those who only want to misunderstand you.

I’m too honest & vocal to lie.

I speak and do whatever I want.

It is useless to lie.

I’m going to be honest at all times.

Why would someone check me?

You all treat me poorly, disregard me, and still want me to retain the child.

Very perplexing.

Give me some space!

I have no desire to interact with their family.

I’m ok.



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