Cross apologizes to Ilebaye for her quarrel with Angel, “I’m sorry, it’s my fault.”


Big Brother Naija housemate Cross has profusely apologized to Ilebaye for the argument she had with Angel the night before.continue Reading.

After the housemates successfully completed the Guinness Presentation task, Ilebaye and Cross indulged in some “couples time” in the restroom.

Cross and Ilebaye later shared a passionate kiss in the restroom when Ilebaye joined Cross in the shower.

Shortly after their passionate encounter, Ilebaye and Angel got into an argument that almost escalated into a violent battle.

Cross, who was not there during the altercation, apologizes to Ilebay in a later scene, stating that he is aware that Angel fought her because they kissed rather than because she removed her leg paintings Off The bag.

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