Atiku: I will NEVER Congratulate Tinubu.


Atiku dismisses allegations that he congratulated Tinubu in court

In a disclaimer of a statement, Atiku Abubakar, the Peoples Democratic Party’s presidential candidate for the election on February 25, 2023, claimed to congratulate President Bola Tinubu on the decision of the election petition tribunal in Abuja. Read Full Article 

In response to a purported comment made by Atiku, the former Vice President’s media adviser, Mr. Paul Ibe, said the assertion was untrue and was a part of a deliberate plot by those seeking confirmation for the usurpation of Nigerians’ mandate.

Atiku couldn’t have justified electoral fraud since doing so would have been a rape on the conscience of Nigerians who have fought for years to uphold electoral integrity, according to Ibe.

“They don’t have to blackmail their political opponents into congratulating them through fake news, if their conscience is clear and they are convinced that their victory is legitimate.”

“Why should a man feel the need for approval so badly? Does truth need to be confirmed? Why, he questioned, should you make a statement of congratulations and give credit to Atiku if your conscience is not affected by the election fraud you committed?

Contrary to the false information being spread by Tinubu propagandists, Atiku has already instructed his attorneys to appeal the election petition tribunal’s ruling to the Supreme Court.

Its address to the “President-elect” serves as further evidence that the message’s claimed content is phoney and unimportant. Although we are aware that it is a hollow victory, Is it not ridiculous to still address Bola Tinubu as “President-elect” five months after swearing-in?

“This struggle is about Nigeria and the future of our democracy, not Atiku,” Ibe continued. Our democracy will be in greater danger if we permit election riggers to get away with their crimes. The democratic process cannot function without consent; imposing government on people against their will is antithetical to democracy.

He also clarified that the PDP presidential candidate will not retire but rather be active in the fight to strengthen democracy in the nation.

The Waziri have no personal grudges against President Tinubu, Ibe added. He owes him nothing negative. However, let me be absolutely clear that this conflict is about justice and principles. He is not engaged in this conflict because he despises Tinubu.

He is fighting to make sure that those who corrupted elections are not given a pass. Rigging and injustice foster resentment and discord. No leader should take pride in governing irate and resentful people.

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